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What you don't find in textbooks.

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what you can learn from this ebook:

Editing tricks

Learn tricks to compile the most complicated presentations easily and quickly.

Animation tricks

Tricks to animate shapes, objects and graphs to impress your audience with even more spectacular presentations.

video tricks

Make a unique video footage, present at high resolution, start the video at a specific time, and many other video tricks.

audio tricks

Make a special presentation by adding a sound file or even setting a custom background music.

presentation tricks

Learn some special tricks to become a more effective presenter and whose audience will never be bored.


Learn the most important shortcuts with which you can effectively speed up your time to create presentations.

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"Understandable, simple tricks with detailed descriptions and pictures. With the help of this book, I'm making more practical and spectacular presentations. And I got a lot of tips for live performances."
Susana Paul
"I have quickly learned the tips in this book and I have used them in my presentations since then. To create a new presentation easily and fast is not a problem for me anymore. If I do not download this book, I never know these tricks."
Gerald Hershey