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A team that loves to create

Hi, my name is Lívia Mokri. I am a PowerPoint and Prezi presentation designer, and founder of Powerpoint Academy.

I create presentations all the time. After having several years of experience as a freelance presentation designer, I decided to create online courses to teach you how to create presentations like a Pro. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you on these thematic courses that contain easy-to-follow, downloadable lessons and video tutorials. Each lesson is easy since I know you are not a professional presentation creator and you probably do not want to be one.

If you join us, you will get a lifetime access to the lessons and you become a member of our community who has the same passion, the PowerPoint.

During the course, you can communicate with me and other students at any time if you get stuck or you would have any questions.


What we do

Keep it simple

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions, requests, comments or suggestions. Or you can write me directly to the following email address: info@powerpointacademy.com. Please note that we receive many letters every day but we do our best to answer all the emails in a short time.

Learn on a more structured training with support from me, check out our online courses: PowerPoint A-Z Online Course, Image Magic Online Course, 6 Videos - 6 Tricks Mini-training.

I am looking forward you to join us! I hope to see you soon!

Lívia Mokri

founder and teacher at PowerPoint Academy

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