Speed up your presentation creating process! Learn these 6 animation tricks to save hours while using PowerPoint and you will have the most professional presentations.

What tricks you will learn?

Find out why it is wasting time to cut and scale your photos one by one on the slides while with a few clicks you can perform your images amazingly in your presentation. Learn and use this fantastic trick with which you can arrange your pictures spectacularly on a slide.

Nowadays the boring lists are over, we do not create bulleted or numbered lists anymore. Learn the trick with which you can make spectacular lists in minutes from your boring lists. This trick lets you make your lists more clearer in a few minutes.

Most performers do not even know about animating the SmartArt graphics. But if its elements would become visible individually, your audience could easily follow your story. Learn the trick how to animate your SmartArt graphic with two simple clicks.

Is your text long on the slide and you would like to highlight its essence with one click so that your audience could understand what is the real story of your presentation? We show you a simple animation trick now for doing this.

Learn an animation technique with that you can highlight more important numbers or data from a set of information, or some parts of a map, for example. This trick helps you to highlight some details of your presentation to draw attention.

Would you like to highlight a part of a photo with a click in your presentation? We show you an animation trick that lets you highlight a part of a photo with a single click while the rest part of the picture will be blur.

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